Alberto Marcos Bursztyn

A descendant of Jewish gauchos, Alberto was born and raised in bucolic wine country at the foot of the Andes mountains. Encountering NYC as an immigrant teen, he observed and absorbed the cultural dynamics of an activist generation while working odd jobs and studying geology and art. His desire to live an ethical and egalitarian life led him to kibbutz, and there, to work with vulnerable urban youth. Returning to NYC to raise a family and continue his education he earned multiple graduate degrees, including a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia University, concurrently working as an educator, academic, clinician, and author. 

In tandem with his academic career he pursued creative interests, honing his craft, and creating works in varied media. He studied or apprenticed with prominent artists associated with the MFA in Visual Arts at Brooklyn College, including Patricia Cronin (sculpture), Elizabeth Murray (painting), Juana Valdes (installation), David Lantow (print-making), Stephen Keltner (metal and assemblage), and Jennifer McCoy (video and collaborative art-making).

Alberto’s art defies narrow categories; working within and across various artistic conventions, his work reflects his avid curiosity, life experiences, knowledge of multiple disciplines, and occasionally, humor. Incorporating found objects in sculpture and in site-specific installations he plumbs personal and collective memory, explores psychological meanings of inventive juxtapositions, and addresses both personal and universal human concerns. 

Alberto’s work has been shown widely; it is represented in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn College Library, the B.U. Kashkin Museum in Yekaterinburg, and in private collections. Recent site-specific installations include The Plaxall Gallery (LIC-A), Governors Island, Rockland Center for the Arts, and Beacon 3D. 



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